Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Iraqi Government: Campaiging at the Expense of Key Element of Democracy, Elections.

I have been closely watching the developments in the Iraqi government in the past couple of months and I must say they have made some drastic moves recently.

As you may observed, Al-Maliki is not the Shiite coaliton's puppy anymore. He is hitting the nationalistic note now. However, he hasn't wondered that the "coalition" might be responsible for the disasterous "Bloody" days in August and October rather than the Baathis he is blaming.

Even though many of us thought the secterian hype wouldn't shape the upcoming election, the reality speaks a different story. The Shiites are trying to pass an Election Bill that marginalizes the votes of the Iraqis abroad. The Sunnis are objecting it because they believe believe they can gain more parliamentary seats through the votes abraod. The Kurds want more seats because of recent "census" and they are threating to boycott.

There are also disagreements over the recent contracts with the foreign oil companies the belittles the forthcoming government's ability of termintating any of the contracts. Though it sounds supportive of foreign investment and provide foreign investors security, it is a bit scary to.

The Iraqi government has also launched a Youtube channel. Apperantly it was a "priority" on the Prime Minister's Cabinet. The channel will provide edited videos of meetings, conference and such functions on Youtube. This is not different from the Iraqi Media Net, the State-owned TV channel, and Radio station.

On the same channel, an interrogation was broadcasted of the persons charged with carrying the major attacks in August and Ocotber. "They have caught them," some claim.

I see all of these changes are nothing but attempts of possibe candiates of campaigning throughout the making of essential public policy as elections regulation. It saddens me that Iraq's future, its consititution, and the key elements of its democracy are being shaped by greedy secterian men hiding in the Green Zone.

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