Thursday, January 28, 2010

Persecution ≠ Compensation (Response to a Kurd's lawsuit of Iraq)

By: Ali Rawaf
If you have any previous blog post of mine about Kurdistan, you would've seen that I am a supporter of the Kurdish cause, you know, uniting their torn nation under one state unit. I also acknowledge that Arabs haven't been the friendliest to Kurds in the past few decades but I don't support anything that is irrational, illogical, or anything that would appear as boldly illegitimate.

Today, titled one of my article roundup that I read about Iraq, "Kurdish Genocide Survivor Sues Iraq." As I read through the article, it kept getting gradually offensive.

A Kurdish man, Taimour Ahmed claims that the State of Iraq (and the United States, since they supported Saddam Hussein with funds and some equipment) should compensate him for an organized mass murder of "Anfal." He is asking for 20 million dollars for every single one of the 10 family members he lost.

Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with Ahmed. I am sad that he had to experience extraordinary imprisonment situation but here is where I think the problem in this case lies: If Iraq was to compensate Mr. Ahmed, shouldn’t Iraq compensate the victims and their families of all of Saddam’s genocide, mass murders, and wars?

In addition, the person who was responsible for and lead these attack, was just executed a couple of days ago to after being convicted of several counts genocide.

If Iraq allows such claims to prevail, we will be hailed with hundreds of thousands of people who will want to do the same thing. Mr. Ahmed wasn’t the only person who was persecuted along with his family in Iraq, we all were and many of us continue to be persecuted under different conditions and situations as we see what happens in post-war-Iraq.

Mr. Ahmed wasn’t the only one who was persecuted, therefore he shouldn’t be the only one compensated. In fact, I don’t think anyone (except for those whose physical properties were damaged, demolished, or confiscated by the Iraqi government) should be compensated because they were executed in the State of Iraq under a different regime and era. Iraq cannot afford and will not afford to compensate the formerly persecuted one, including me.


  1. Umm, i would say that this is insane, what does the current government have to do with the ba'athist regime? They have pushed this thing too far, ok. they got they own government now with a flag and everything, now they wanna sue iraq, their own darn country, this is disrespectful in my point of view. Not only because they cant afford to compensate them all, but because this is just outrageous.....

  2. I agree. During Saddam's regime, most of Iraqis were persecuted in one way or another. One of the reasons he is suing Iraq is that it the massacre caused emotional damage, well if that is the case, all Iraqis had to undergo some emotional damage, we weren't only persecuted by the government, we were pushed into fighting wars that left the country and its people devistated to the some of the most extremist levels.

  3. اوكي هسه بعد اعدام علي كيمياوي اخذ الكراد ثارهم من لمقتل حوالي كذا الف ...خمسة الاف بس بحلبجة والانفال انت فكر ... المهم هاهية لو بعد لازم نعدم؟

    يعني اكو عدد من البشر هم مسؤولين عن الجرائم ويجب معاقبتهم او اعدامهم لو القائمة لانهائية والعقوبة ابدية؟

    انطيني وجهة نظرك بصراحة...

    البرجوازي العراقي

  4. عزيزي البرجوازي,

    ولو من الممكن ان تفكر ان كلامي مجرد امنيات مستحيلة و لكن انا و بكل صراحة لا اؤمن بالانتقام. يحب على الحكومة العراقية التفريق بين من امر و من نفذ الاوامر. انا لا اؤمن باعدام قائمة لا نهائية من الثروة البشرية العراقية و لكني مؤمن باعلاء و احترام كلمة القانون.

    ان الحكومة العراقية تدعوا الى المصالحة الوطنية و لكن لا اجد في كلامهم غير عبارات حماسية لاصلة لها بالواقع.

    مستقبل العراق يعتمد على المصالخة. منذ طفولتي اذكر كلام الناس يذمون به حكومة البعث لما فعلت بالنطام الي سبقها.

    اعدام و الانتقام من البعثثين سوف لن يقود العراق الا الى اكثر تفرقة و تمزق بين فئات المجتمع

    اتباع نظان المصالحة الوطنية بطريقة سالمة سوف يساعد العراق بالحصول على نظام ديمقراطي سليم يحترم الحريات و حقوق الانسان